Historical monuments in Delhi

One of the most enchanting places in India; Delhi is a land that portrays the diverse culture, history, and tradition. The diversity of these factors makes it an ideal tourist destination. There are plenty of attractions in Delhi like temples, castles, palaces, forts, and monuments and lots more which draw thousands of tourists from all over the world.   By undertaking Delhi tours, you can visit various historical monuments in Delhi and experience the cultural, traditional and scenic diversity and splendor of the city.

The capital city of India, Delhi is one of the oldest cities in the world. The city is dotted with different historical monuments. Some of the famous forts in Delhi are:

  • Red Fort
  • Qutub Minar
  • Purana Qila
  • Humayun’s Tomb
  • Tughlaqabad Fort
  • Feroze Shah Kotla
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Safdarjung Tomb
  • Mehrauli Archaeological Park
  • Lodi Gardens

Religious trips form an important part of Delhi tours. There are quite a few historical monuments in Delhi that form of religious tours. You will get a feel of the religious culture and sentiment of the country by touring these places. Some of them are:

  • Jama masjid
  • Jain Lal Mandir
  • Cathedral Church of Redemption
  • Hazrat Nizammudin Dargah
  • Jamali Kamali

Just 200 kilometers from Delhi, you have Agra that houses the Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world. This magnificent marble mausoleum symbolizes the love of Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. Another popular tourist attraction is the Agra Fort which is a masterpiece of Mughal architecture as well. It was made when the Mughal capital was based in Agra. You can also visit Fatehpur Sikri and Sikandra.

Apart from touring the historical hotspots of Delhi, you can also go to the popular shopping and dining hotspots in and around these monuments and get a feel of the local culture and heritage.  The markets in old Delhi and Chandni Chowk near the Red Fort are ideal places for shopping for a wide range of handicrafts and local artifacts. You can easily find your hotels in New Delhi near some of the best restaurants and dining hubs who serve mouthwatering local and Mughlai delicacies.

Staying in Delhi is never a problem. For a great accommodation in Delhi mixed with charm, you can choose from a wide range of hotels in Delhi. The city consists of 5 star and deluxe hotels, middle range hotels and also cheap and budget hotels.

Travelling with senior citizens made easy

The trip I had my grandparents was always one of my favourites. The laughs and jokes we had together were never ending. They too were very excited and happy about the trip. The memories of that trip always make me smile. No doubt it is difficult to travel with a 70-year-old grandmother, but that journey made her very happy. She could relive her youth when she joined us while dancing over a campfire.

Most of us nowadays are so busy in our daily chores that we forget to even talk to them. People nowadays leave their parents in nursing homes and get busy with their work. As children, it is our duty to keep them happy. We can do a lot of things to make them happy. Maybe go for a morning walk, talk to them over dinner or even take them for a small trip. Are you worried about how to travel with those old people? Here are a few tips for you.

Choose the right destination

Choose destinations where they could enjoy. Keep their health conditions in mind while choosing the places. Apparently, a trip to Goa with your old parents will be a bad idea. If you take them to some religious places, that will make them happy.

Get a confirmed flight ticket

Since you are travelling with senior citizens, make sure there is no difficulty for them during the journey. Say you are travelling from Hyderabad to Delhi. Flights to Delhi are in high demand. Therefore book your Hyderabad to Delhi flights in advance to ensure that you do not have any problem regarding the tickets.

Book a non-stop flight

To reduce the total travel time and also to minimise the chance of missing a connection, it is preferable to choose direct flights. Hyderabad to Delhi flights are the best means to reach Delhi without causing any discomfort for your old parents or grandparents.

Choose the right time

Seniors no longer are as active as they were before. Travelling during the extreme hours of early morning or late night can be very exhausting for them. It may be sickening for them. Thus, to make them comfortable, travel during the day. Mid-morning or early afternoon might work well for them.

Take medicines

Never forget to take all their medicines. This is the most important part of a journey with senior citizens. Make a list of the medication to be taken and ensure that they have their medicines even during the journey.

Ask for a wheelchair

Going through all the procedures and walking all the way in the airport can be very tiring for the senior citizens. To avoid that exhaustion, ask for wheelchairs in the airport and use them for moving in the airport.

Look for discounts and disability options

Many airlines provide senior citizen discounts and various disability options if necessary. So, remember to make the best use of them.

Plan your activities well

Going on a trip with your grandparents will not be like travelling with your friends. You will have to plan out things more carefully. You will have to be more relaxed and give more time to every place you visit. Remember to include enough breaks in between so that they have enough time to rest.

Follow the above tips and keep your parents or grandparents happy. Travel more often with them.…

Best Self-Storage Options

Neither your neighborhood nor your country represents the whole world. The world is huge and most of its parts are still unexplored. Traveling is the way to explore a new place. Today we will discuss how you should make yourself prepared for traveling.

Patience is the most important thing for a traveler. If you have a shortage of money, then you can travel. However, if you are not patient enough, then you cannot travel. You know life is too short to become angry. If you miss your bus or train, you can take the next one. However, if you lose control of yourself, you may spoil your whole vacation. You must remember that everything will not be happening according to your plan.

Then waking up early in the morning should be the habit of every traveler. The earlier you wake up, the more daylight you get to explore a place. Also, the tourist spots are less crowded early in the morning. Besides, you can capture quality photos as there will be sufficient light in the morning. Moreover, if you are in need of information from the locals, morning is the best time to contact them. The fact is, hardworking people wake up early in the morning whether the frauds and scammers sleep in.

You know money can buy everything. Alongside your regular budget, you should store some extra money in another place. In case, you lose your wallet or the credit card gets blocked, you can use this money. You can stash this money in a place like socks, under shoe inserts, etc. Similarly, you should take backup of every important papers like passport, birth certificate, driving license, identification card, health insurance, etc. You can make photocopies of these papers and keep them in separate places. Also, it is a wise thinking to store these papers digitally in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Furthermore, a traveler should capture a huge amount of photos every day. You may not get the chance to visit the same place twice in your life. Thus, it is easy to remember a place through photography. Likewise, the photos do not take space in your luggage and you can easily share these photos with your friends and family.

Therefore, everybody plans for a healthy tour. However, some unhealthy incidents may happen while traveling. Things like getting robbed, losing a gear, etc. happen when you visit a rural area. Now if you have a travel insurance, then you do not have to worry in these cases. Alternatively, you can store your vehicles in SELF STORAGE BRONX for safety purposes. Furthermore, you can automate your bills to avoid fines.

Finally, you should take less stuff while traveling. Everything seems important for a tour while planning. After returning from the tour, you find that half of the gear was not necessary at all. Now if you are in a fix to take something or not, my suggestion is not to take it. In most cases, these confusing things are not so important. Also, if you find that important after reaching your destination, you can simply buy that thing.

I wish you safe journey and comment below if I missed anything.…

Love is in the Air – Valentines Gift Ideas for Someone Special

It is the time of year again to take the time to tell that special somebody that you love them. If you are single, then that is no excuse not to celebrate – treat yourself to something special. If you are not sure what the best gift for that person in your life and are a bit bored of the idea of flowers, teddy bears and chocolates, then these are a few ideas for some more unusual and unique valentines’ gifts…

A Romantic Trip – This doesn’t have to break the bank. A trip away is a special opportunity for you to have some quality time as a couple doing what you love. If you want to push the boat out go for a romantic weekend in Paris, but there are so many amazing places closer to home too. If you want to unwind and relax, head to the countryside, and find a quaint country cottage to rent. If you are more into a city break, then head to London or Birmingham – serviced apartments Birmingham based are a great place to stay and explore this buzzing city. And you are not short of fantastic restaurants for a romantic evening out.

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Great Gadgets – Gadgets are not just for computer lovers – for people who love pampering, how about a romantic back massanger? You can get some amazing massage gadgets – perfect for a romantic night in! If you or your other half are chocolate lovers, then how about a chocolate fountain? The ultimate luxury treats, serve with strawberries and marshmallows to dunk in the chocolate. Display next to a bouquet of roses for a special valentines’ surprise.

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A Homemade Gift -Nothing is more special than a homemade gift. Something that you have taken the time and put thought into is a great way to show your love for someone. You don’t have to be really artistic to make a lovely homemade gift either. There are some amazing tutorials online for making homemade gifts. How about making a scented candle with a scent your other half loves? Maybe a practical gift, like a homemade cushion cover or you could even have a go at knitting a scarf. A favorite photograph of the two of you is a great personal gift, and you make your own frame to make it extra special.…

Top three ski-resorts in the world

Travelling can be a hobby for many and it can be a passion. When people decide to travel questions crops in one’s mind while deciding the places one should choose to travel. Travelling can be very different from going to a holiday. Holidaying is kind of giving a rest to oneself and enjoy forgetting all other important stuff. But for a regular traveler, it can be a passion which is far more of a serious subject. So for the travelers all over the world who are specifically interested in skiing in white snow, let us make your work easy. Let us make a tight list of three popular Ski-Resorts in the world so that the travelers can make the right decision and also have a short enough must-visit ski resort list.

1. St Anton am Arlberg, Austria: Popularly known as the cradle of Alpine skiing, St Anton is a village in Austria. It is obviously popular for its beauty like any other ski areas and also it has the slopes which are of extraordinary shape and condition. A perfect ski resort is what it can be called. It is the area which is the snowiest of all hence it tops all the famous ski resort lists. Starting from the mesmerizing view of the ski area to some of the modern technology used for skiing, St Anton is what one can call the perfection. It offers utmost safety and comfort and makes the snow surfing much easier and enjoyable. The variety it offers in its different skiing related activities makes the experience more fun. Also, just one glance to the well-prepared slopes and the ski lovers are sold.

2. Courchevel, France: Courchevel has to be among the most popular and it will not be an exaggeration if one expects it on the top of this list. It deserves the top place because undoubtedly there is no other place like Courchevel when you come to think of a ski resort. The slopes, the snow, the local beauty are something which is unparallel. It is rightly said that once you visit Courchevel there is no need to look for the other places even if there are many popular places which are near Courchevel. The area can be explored so much that you do not even need to go anywhere else. This Luxury ski resort is what a ski-loving person can mark as his ultimate destination with all kind of modern skiing facilities available.

3. Verbier, Switzerland: The third spot of the popular ski resort in the world is occupied by Verbier, a village which is located in Switzerland. It is the main ski resort in Switzerland’s largest ski area. The mountains here have the steep slope. The sharp rising or falling slopes are what make the skiing experience memorable. The view of the snowy mountains is beyond spectacular. Without any doubt, it deserves to stand among the top ski resorts. From beginners to experienced ski lovers, it has options for everyone. Similar of the other two, Verbier also offers the best comfort and safety.

Thus, we come to the end of the top three ski-resorts.…

Guide to Australia Travel

Australia can be an island, another nation, as well as a substantial region. Diversity is actually serious resting within the nature of the location, whichever political as well as regional explanation you choose to go with. You can find swanky, ultra-hip downtown metropolitan areas to check out and sunny beach villages, while also, with the additional intense, harsh, hot and also unforgiving outback. Expect you’ll get rid of oneself within the ostensibly unlimited couple of holiday actions that the land ‘down under’ is offering. It is no surprise that will worldwide vacation packages are typical which include Australia on his or her lists nowadays, and also a smaller amount unexpected that people are making it mandatory in good quality vacation packages on the world’s biggest island nation. Plan the schedules to get a taste of Australia travel!

The Cities

Sydney (or the Harbour City), Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart i have listed a number of the most significant and a lot growing towns about Australia’s speedily developing downtown front. These cities give you a taste of widespread downtown lifestyle, however with the remarkably unique Australian flavour. High class buying, city seashores, sun drenched harbours and also cafes stored with the most exquisite mood, all of them are standing in Australia’s metropolises.

The Foodstuff

Even though Australia doesn’t have a cooking foundation that is as neighbourhood and distinctive while those of Asia or China or even the other Asian nations around the world, no simply accept a bland fake of chicken pot cake along with pizza, both. Modern Australian food, as well as Mod Ounces cooking, as it is termed from the residents, is a mouth-watering blend of Western European strategies and also Australian substances, along with special concentrate on fish (acquired recently from the adjoining water!). Your famous ‘bugs’ involving Queensland’s Moreton Bay, King George Whiting as well as water fare (Murray Cods as well as Australian striper) are typical offered. Also offered for anyone using a more adventurous palette are generally amazing lean meats, such as kangaroos, crocodiles and alligators. What is great meals, anyway, without a perfect free beverage? Australia is quickly one of several earths’ nearly all productive producers involving alcohol as well as wine beverage, both having acquired premium identification internationally.

The Actual Outback

The particular outback could be scorching, tough as well as unforgiving, but sometimes what you require is exactly in which, which is to be able to force the limitations. The most effective way to research the Australia’s red, dirty backyard is simply by car, if possible a substantial, four-wheel operated, all-terrain vehicle. The privacy and also vastness in the outback make it a best spot to exercise someone’s off roading abilities, in between stealing appointments with the actual numberless national areas which punctuate it. When the notion of a rugged push away from the suburbs will not appeal to your own senses, next do not forget that Oz even offers one of very best systems associated with highway travelling in the world. Employ this in order to embark on your current greatest journey.

The Australia travel irritate is gnawing at everybody, so we recommend you will get bit also if you haven’t by now. The actual ‘down under’ international holiday package is a behaviour which could apply certain farming.…

The benefits of traveling

Traveling saturated with the routine sometimes make someone so want to go on vacation. Every day activities, such as work, to school, or to the campus is quite boring. Moreover, if things are done it always make stress.

Of course, all he had in mind was to go on vacation out of town or country for a few days. By going on vacation can certainly make the mind becomes more fresh. Going to a vacation somewhere should be done by everyone. Why? The reason why you should vacation:


1. Prolong life

One study showed that people who vacation regularly have a 17% lower risk of experiencing death from various causes. Therefore, go on vacation at least a year 2 times to prolong the age.

2. Good for heart health

From the same study that involved 13,000 high-risk heart patients, it shows that patients routinely take annual leave for vacation. It was able to cut the risk of death from heart attacks by 29%.

3. Brings happiness

Let alone take a vacation, before going on vacation somebody there who already feel happy. A Dutch scientist suggests that just preparing for a holiday trip alone can raise a person’s level of happiness.

In addition, other studies have also shown that leisure and casual activities lead to a more positive outlook and can reduce depression or stress.

4. Increase productivity

A vacation somewhere can recover from stress. If stress is lost, it can be exciting again to do the routine. In fact, after the holidays you can find new ideas and spirit again work.

5. Improve relationship quality

For those who are married, vacationing can improve the quality of family relationships. In addition, with a vacation usually women are happier at home and family. For that, do not forget to vacation with family every year.…