5 Tips & Tricks to Saving Your Home Renovation Costs

In Building or remodeling of their lakeside home needs careful planning in order to reduce the risk of wasteful or non-compliance with the ideas, the following tips in saving the cost of a Home Improvement for the right target:

Define the concept of home renovation maturely

At this stage, we determine which parts of the house that we want the renovation / repair, how to design, whether we will reuse old material or not. If you want to use the old material would be unloaded carefully to prevent damage. While determining the useful design that results in accordance with what we want. Because if the results do not match, we have to unpack that costs more. By knowing the concept with cooked also help builders work faster.

Determine the quality of building materials and building materials to be used

If indeed our funds are limited, there is no harm we use medium quality goods or used goods. If we choose carefully, we can find secondhand but good quality.

The use of quality goods being for example for ceramic floors, wood, frame, or paint the interior. The tiles are installed with good technique can produce beautiful floor despite using medium quality ceramics. While the parts that required the use of goods with good quality is at the foundation of the house, water pipes are planted, the structure of the building, the roof frame. Can imagine if the part had a leak or broken, of course we have to dismantle again which means the need to spend money again. For the exterior paint is also recommended to use good quality for the exterior of the house is usually exposed to rain, hot sun or moist air.

Eliminating one part of home renovation work

What is meant here is that we do not do one part of the job, so that time is used more quickly and can save costs. For example: The wall without plaster to make the walls seem natural, or painting without in plamur.

Selection of payment method

Method of payment is generally divided into two, namely wholesale and daily. If indeed we are sure what will be renovated and we already know the concept of home renovation is done, then it is better to use a contract system. Conversely, if we are not yet clear concept of the renovation we can pay a daily basis.

Choose the right time for home renovation

Renovation of the house should not be done during the rainy season, because this season craftsman can work difficulties. In addition, for the part that is outside is being renovated to be difficult to dry and can even be damaged.